SOLD On Selling Your Home Now!!!

January 30, 2013

I am often asked, “Should I go ahead and list my home now or wait until Spring”?

That’s a great question and here are the facts.  Just remember this acronym:   SOLD

Sales are at the fastest pace in 5 years

Offering of available homes is low today

Listings are selling for a greater percentage of list price now

Demand is high

There will be more homes on the market in a few months than there are today.  This means you have less competition when selling your home now.  Part of the reason some markets are experiencing a demand frenzy is because there simply aren’t enough “good” homes for sale.  “Good” meaning a home that is priced correctly, shows well, and is updated.  If you think you own a “good” home and would like to sell it, contact us for a free market analysis today.


Ben Bowen

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