Consulting Services

Ben Bowen Properties serves home builders as a personal trainer in the sales and marketing strategy for their homes. Ben also developed a manual to assist home builders in guiding customers through the home-building process, starting with the initial meeting and continuing past closing.

Ben Bowen Properties can help home builders:

  • Determine what buyers are looking for in a floor plan
  • Identify features buyers are willing to pay for and willing to do without
  • Learn to effectively study specific markets and where to price homes
  • Successfully market homes
  • Negotiate with buyers for the best terms
  • Make powerful presentations to customers
  • Guide buyers through the entire home-building process from design to completion

Ben has represented 50 custom home builders in the past 10 years, during which he sold more than $200 million in new custom homes. He received the “Best of the Best” award from a national builder, surpassing more than 150 sales agents for the best selling and presentation skills in the southeastern United States.

To learn what Ben Bowen Properties can do for your sales and marketing, please contact us today.

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